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VCE Psychology Resources: Concepts in Psychology Part 1 Videos

Videos 1-3

Introducing Psychology

A start! Gives students a flavour of biological, developmental and cognitive Psychology. Great for first week of term or Open Days

Ethical Issues in Psychology

Psychologists don't just owe a duty of care to the participants of their research, they also have a duty to produce creative and socially useful research, and sometimes these obligations come into conflict. From this basis, an ethical case can be made even for research commonly seen as unethical?. Students are given a case study and asked to discuss the ethical issues.

What are ethics?

Here we introduce students to the idea of ethics, the ethical regulation of Psychology and how it works in practice.

Videos 4-5

Situational Theory

While most Psychologists look to explain behaviour in terms of factors within individuals, others focus more on situations, and one of these is Philip Zimbardo. Here Zimbardo uses extracts from his infamous Stanford Prison Study and abuse of prisoners in Abu Ghraib to illustrate this view.

Free Will & Determination 

Do we have choices in life or is our behaviour determined? Recent advances in neuroscience have thrown new light on this long running issue. Here we look at, and reconstruct, Libet?s seminal experiment with Professor Patrick Haggard of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.