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Year 09 - Australia at War: World War I - Humanities: Causes of World War I

War Breaks Out

Archduke of Austria

The Alliance System

The Khan Academy gives an overview of how the alliances system helped to start WW1

The MAIN cases of WWI

M.    Militarism - The building and expansion of strong armed forces to protect and expand national interests.  

A.      Alliances -  Over many year alliances, agreements to support each other should one nation be attacked, continued to gain strength and formality with the purpose of preventing war by demonstrating strength in numbers.  Two main alliances were present the Triple Alliance between Gemany, Austria-Hungary and Italy and the Triple Entente between Britain, France and Russia.  

I.        Imperialism - Imperialism is a system where large, powerful nations dominates and exploits smaller nations.  The smaller nations are known as colonies. Together, the large, powerful (Imperial) nation and their colonies are known as an empire.

N.      Nationalism  - Nationalism is a love, pride and loyalty a person has for their nation.


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Why did Australia say No to Military Conscription?


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