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Year 11 - English Text - The Thing Around Your Neck: Home


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Students should purchase their own copy of the the text.  Copies available in the library are not able to be borrowed.

Audiobook - The Thing Around Your Neck

Learning Outcome One - Key Skills

• identify, explain and analyse

‚Äč– characters, settings, events, and ideas, issues and themes presented in texts

– how texts are created in and for different contexts, audiences and purposes, and the choices made by authors to meet these

– how features of texts are used to create meaning

– the impact of texts on audiences by considering the similarities and differences between texts

• apply the conventions of oral presentation in the delivery of spoken texts

• apply the conventions of discussion • use textual evidence appropriately to support analytical responses

• plan analytical responses to texts

• plan creative responses to texts (written, spoken and multimodal), for example consider an alternative perspective or explore a gap or moment in the text, taking account of the purpose, context and audience in determining the selected content and approach

• explain and justify decisions made in the writing process

• develop, test and clarify ideas using discussion and writing

• draft, review, edit and refine creative and analytical responses to texts, making choices about features of texts and using feedback gained from individual reflection, discussion, and peer and teacher comments

• apply the conventions of spelling, punctuation and syntax of Standard Australian English accurately and appropriately.

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