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Year 11 - English Text - The Thing Around Your Neck: Home


Book Cover

Library Resources

Students should purchase their own copy of the the text.  Copies available in the library are not able to be borrowed.

Audiobook - The Thing Around Your Neck

See Cell One, Tomorrow is Too Far and Private Experience pages.

Only single story audiobooks are available and they are listed on these pages.

Learning Outcome One - Key Skills

• identify, explain and analyse

‚Äč– characters, settings, events, and ideas, issues and themes presented in texts

– how texts are created in and for different contexts, audiences and purposes, and the choices made by authors to meet these

– how features of texts are used to create meaning

– the impact of texts on audiences by considering the similarities and differences between texts

• apply the conventions of oral presentation in the delivery of spoken texts

• apply the conventions of discussion • use textual evidence appropriately to support analytical responses

• plan analytical responses to texts

• plan creative responses to texts (written, spoken and multimodal), for example consider an alternative perspective or explore a gap or moment in the text, taking account of the purpose, context and audience in determining the selected content and approach

• explain and justify decisions made in the writing process

• develop, test and clarify ideas using discussion and writing

• draft, review, edit and refine creative and analytical responses to texts, making choices about features of texts and using feedback gained from individual reflection, discussion, and peer and teacher comments

• apply the conventions of spelling, punctuation and syntax of Standard Australian English accurately and appropriately.

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