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A Year 7 Library Presentation Term 3 2020: Humour

Year 7 Humour

A Short History of the Humour Genre

The humour genre is quite new when we look at books written for a younger audience. Up until the 1900s, books written for children and teenagers tended to have a moral focus. You might have read some of Grimm’s fairytales when you were younger; each of them spelled out what the ‘moral of the story’ was at the end. These stories focused on teaching young people how to behave. Some of them were ‘cautionary tales’, which showed people who did the wrong thing meeting gruesome ends. The first book for young people that falls into the humour genre is Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll in 1865. Since then, the genre has grown more and more, with writers realising that children and teenagers love to read books that make them laugh.

What is your favourite funny book?      

New Books

New and Highly Recommended!