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Year 07 - Bindi - English: Home

Poetry and Verse

Kirli discusses why she wrote Bindi as a ‘book in verse’, shares her techniques for creating poems that you can ‘feel in your belly’, and reads her poem ‘Fambam’. Activity: Paint a portrait of your family - with words!

Sun Downs and Seasons

This video presents the poem “Sun Downs and Seasons”, written and read by proud Gunai Woman and award-winning multidisciplinary artist Kirli Saunders. Its themes of nature, ancestors and Country are brought to life by beautiful animations. A wonderful example of contemporary Australian poetry for learners of any age

Illustrator Dub Leffler Reads His Book, Sorry Day

illustrator Dub Leffler reads his award-winning children’s book, Sorry Day, and discusses the themes and importance of the story.

Traditional Homelands

5 Questions with Kirli Saunders

The 5 Questions podcast series is brought to you by RMIT’s Master of Writing and Publishing student-led Bowen Street Press.

Kirli Saunders talks about Bindi

Kirli tells us about how her experience of planting she-oak trees to protect black cockatoos (Garrall), followed by a season of bushfires, shaped her award-winning book Bindi. Activity: Create a list of 10 ways you can care for Country.

Poetry and Place with Kirli Saunders


Explore Country with the remarkable Kirli Saunders. Kirli loves to create amazing settings in her stories, you can't miss her top tips to help you to create inspiring settings with confidence.

What makes a poem...a poem?

Story and Kirli

Kirli and Tess are joined by Auslan interpreter, Susan. Kirli tells us about where she grew up, we meet her rabbit, Dustin, and learn that asking your heroes for advice pays off! Activity: A Kirli challenge - can you move, paint, draw, play, bake, and sing a story?

Bindi Chapter Questions

Kirli Saunders