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Year 12 - Drama - Prescribed Structures 2019

Tina Sparkle and/or Ken Railings

Character: Tina Sparkle and/or Ken Railings

Battling it out for the final position on the latest reality television show, And You Thought You Could Ballroom

Above: Eclectic with aspects of musical theatre* 

Stimulus:  Strictly Ballroom, directed by Baz Luhrmann

Character: Tina Sparkle and/or Ken Railings​

Performance focus:

Create a solo performance based on the character(s) of Tina Sparkle and/or Ken Railings. A number of years after their failure at the Australian Pan-Pacific Dance Championships, Tina Sparkle and Ken Railings find themselves battling it out for the final position on the latest reality television show, And You Thought You Could Ballroom. Still holding a grudge and blaming each other for their failure at the PanPacifics, Tina and Ken desperately make one last effort to try to win and make the other lose. Tina Sparkle and/or Ken Railings do/does this by:

  • recreating moments from their original partnership and from the world of the Southern Districts Waratah Championships
  • showing examples of the ‘less than glamorous’ lives they have each lived since losing the Pan-Pacifics
  • creating a parallel to a public figure who has reinvented themselves after failure.

Performance Style:  Eclectic with aspects of musical theatre​

Eclectic theatre draws on a range of performance styles to devise performances that go beyond the reality of life as it is lived. It juxtaposes a number of performance styles to make dramatic statements and theatre that is innovative, transformational and creative. Eclectic theatre is devised with a specific purpose and intention for the audience. Eclectic theatre draws on drama traditions and practice including:

  • ritual and storytelling
  • contemporary drama practice and performance styles
  • the work of drama practitioners and associated performance styles
  • a combination of any of the above.

Musical theatre is a style of theatre that contains a mixture of song, dance, music and spoken dialogue. Musical theatre is exemplified by:

  • central characters often involved in a romantic entanglement set against a bigger event or context that often results in conflict
  • emotional content, such as love, pathos, anger or humour, expressed through song and/or dance
  • use of a range of differing musical and/or dance forms and styles.

Convention & Dramatic Element:  As selected by the student from the list (linked here).  Write your selected convention and dramatic element on your Statement of Intention.


Strictly Ballroom the movie - Directed by Baz Luhrmann

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