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Year 12 - Drama - Prescribed Structures 2019

The Gangster

Character: The Gangster

"The Gangster desperately tries to strike a deal with Eliot Ness"



The life and crimes of Al Capone

Performance focus:

Create a solo performance based on the character of the Gangster. After a falling-out with Al Capone, the Gangster secretly meets with Eliot Ness and other members of the Untouchables, and is pressured into spilling the beans about the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre and a range of other crimes. The Gangster desperately tries to strike a deal with Eliot Ness. The Gangster does this by:

  • highlighting how Al Capone and his gang have evaded prosecution for their crimes so far
  • creating circumstances that show how the Gangster became part of the Al Capone ‘family’ and why he turned on him
  • exploring people’s fascination with ‘antiheroes’.

Performance style:   Eclectic

Eclectic theatre draws on a range of performance styles to devise performances that go beyond the reality of life as it is lived. It juxtaposes a number of performance styles to make dramatic statements and theatre that is innovative, transformational and creative. Eclectic theatre is devised with a specific purpose and intention for the audience. Eclectic theatre draws on drama traditions and practice including:

  • ritual and storytelling
  • contemporary drama practice and performance styles
  • the work of drama practitioners and associated performance styles
  • a combination of any of the above



The Untouchables, directed by Brian de Palma, 1987

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